Size and discourse types - Corpus of Spoken Greek IMGS


Size and Discourse Types of the Institute's Corpus of Spoken Greek

The Corpus of Spoken Greek is a set of digital files, which is updated and enriched according to the research project’s affordances and needs. The Corpus consists of three components (see Pavlidou 2016: 41-68):

1. Audiovisual material: It comprises tape-/video-recordings of naturally occurring communication.

2. Transcribed material: A subset of the audiovisual recordings (cf. 1.) has been transcribed according to the transcription conventions of Conversation Analysis (click here). This material is drawn from different discourse types, encountered in institutional and non-institutional settings, and more specifically:

  • everyday conversations among friends and relatives (sample)
  • telephone calls (sample)
  • classroom interaction (sample)
  • television news (sample)
  • television interviews with politicians (sample)
  • interviews/discussions with Greeks of the diaspora (example)
  • other

The transcribed part of the Corpus exceeds 2,0 million words. Note that texts vary as to the degree of their processing and the quality of their transcription.

3. Online material: Part of the transcribed material is available on this website and can be used freely online. It currently consists of:

  • 40 everyday conversations among family and friends
  • 145 telephone calls
  • 17 television interviews with politicians